The Saint and the Fasting Girl
SISTER GEORGIA LIVES AT THE CENTER of a bustling Yorkshire nunnery at the eve of the English Reformation. Yet she is no ordinary nun. Georgia and her sisters follow the ways of the legendary Saint Isela, recording her signs and miracles and preparing for her return.

But the archbishop of London, Philip SeVerde, a man rising in Henry VIII’s royal court, cannot bear this ‘wild’ nunnery of the north. Driven by greed and a lust for power, SeVerde demands that the nuns submit to his control and strict monastic rule. Georgia is persecuted and tortured, yet she refuses to back down.

Drawing strength and visions from an ancient relic, Georgia must ensure that her mystical group of nuns survive the meddling of the corrupt archbishop. She must undergo an epic journey and endure, lifetime after lifetime, until the promise of Saint Isela can be fulfilled. It is the story of
The Saint and the Fasting Girl.

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Favorite Characters
Interview with Anna Richenda

Though originally this was 'Part 4' of the interview series, this segment really belongs in the second spot. In this segment, Anna Richenda talks about her favorite characters from the novel and why they are both fun and important for the story, and other characters as well.  For more information on this segment, click here.

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History and Background
Interview with Anna Richenda

A little Tudor historya period that includes the English Reformationwhere  the author addresses the changes Henry VIII made in the medieval church and what that meant for the monks and nuns of England. Also early Christian mystics, more on Fasting Girls, the cult of saints, and the miraculous that was part of the medieval everyday world. Click here for more information on this segment of the interview.

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More Background
Interview with Anna Richenda

The author makes observations about the Hero's Journey and what it might mean for women. Also a discussion of the roles for women in the Medieval church: what happened when a girl became a miraculous 'Fasting Girl' and the anxieties and financial opportunities that might produce for the church itself. Click here for more information on Fasting Girls and this segment of the interview.

Anna Richenda, a writer and historian, maintains the monastic history website and has published two regional history books. She lives in the Pacific Northwest within sight of three volcanoes: Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, and Mt. St. Helens. These behemoths are constant reminders that life is ferocious, fragile, and magnificent.

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