Final Proofs complete

31 May 09

So close now!

It took me a while, but I finally completed the last set of proofs.

I received them on May 8, but wasn’t able to finish until May 31. Suffice it to say that May was a very busy month! I’ve been to Delaware/Pennsylvania and back, and Bellingham and back. I’ve had a new nephew born, I’ve finished my school term, and been working toward something big for July!

I learned some things doing proofs. First, even with the best proofreading, stuff gets missed. Second, mistakes that did not occur in the previous proof will somehow show up in the final. Third, small revisions become necessary when you actually see the print all together on the page. Fourth, check your proofsheet before you send it, because you will have small mistakes even on that which the proof correctors will add in regardless of whether or not they make any sense. Fifth, reconcile yourself to the fact that even after you have painstakingly checked and checked again, you will still miss stuff that will make you cringe later.

That said, wheee!! I’m so excited. I’m so close now to holding the book in my hand that I can taste it.

Anna Richenda




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