Official Detritus

3 June 09

Wading through my office

In the detritus of my office I have come across a number of little notes to myself, notes complied on post-its and 3×5 cards while I was writing The Saint the the Fasting Girl. I saved a few:

Safeguard the child

Dilemma: take a goal — evoke its opposite. Polarize the protagonist.

What does the character desire? If the mouse desires to be eaten, then the cat must want not to eat.

Pro bono pacis = for the sake (good) of peace

Ale, Beer & Brewsters in England: women’s work in a changing world. A book I meant to get. (Not too late!)

Religion provides a context for someone’s life, and a container for their world view. Like a matrix laid over and through one’s life, it simultaneously reflects the self (through the known) and God (through the unknown). It is a pouch of dust blown over the invisible, so to see what can’t be seen. From this matrix, from the invisible beneath the dust, meaning is both gleaned and made. The structure supports awareness, and is a framework for understanding.

Metaphor can be strung along a line: Her voice was fluid sweetness, a honeyed tea with crisp cookies of meringue.

It’s only energy.

All books written in language must eventually dissolve back to letters and then to dust.

And my favorite:
Ultimately, there is no such thing as protagonism. There is only point of view.

Anna Richenda



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