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17 June 09

The Saint and the Fasting Girl storms the bookstore!

We’re getting close! The Saint and the Fasting Girl is now available for purchase through iUniverse and on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Powells has the ebook, if you like those. As for Borders, I don’t see it there, yet.

All the sites have “in Stock” or “ships in 24 hours” but that’s not quite true—yet. Might be true if UPS had come a little sooner!! But I’m off for a conference and the books spent 3 days in a warehouse in Illinois so they’re not here yet. (Bummer.)

Still!! I’m excited because it should be at most a week before the pre-flight checks are done and then ‘ships in 24 hours’ will be right.

The book is available in hardcover, ebook, or paperback.

A big thank you to those who have agreed to read and review it! Those copies will go out as soon as I can send them. I hope to have review copies in my hand at the beginning of July.

Gosh…I have butterflies. It’s like that day before the big trip where you wonder, did I remember to turn off the stove? Did I leave the key for the cat-sitter? I’m thinking…did I fix all those commas? All of them? ‘Cause it’s too late to fix them now.

Anna Richenda



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