Boxes of Glorious Books!

3 July 09

Chunky and good!

My copies of the book arrived this week, and don’t they look magnificent in the box?

Some of these are actually mine. I got a shipment on the 29th, but those were all earmarked for a bunch of awesome book reviewers. Look at the lovely pile of envelopes, now speeding their way to places like Mafra, Portugal; Kingston, Ontario; and Philadelphia, PA.

And look, I had bookmarks printed, too!

I cannot tell you how nerve wracking it is to have the book in my hand. Nerve wracking and amazing, too. This is the culmination of years of effort. This project started with a dream in 2002. It endured through my sister Charlie’s cancer and her death. It endured through revisions and workshops and, although the book isn’t about me, writing it became a kind of process of self discovery.

Who knew the girl who read ‘Wrinkle in Time’ over and over again would end up so fascinated by fasting girls and anchorites? lol. Um…okay. Maybe that one makes sense.

Anyway, what’s done is done.

And don’t they look wonderful!

Anna Richenda



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