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1 August 09

I (heart) book bloggers :)

Thank you to all who have posted reviews of The Saint and the Fasting Girl. As a writer, it is so wonderful to hear from readers who like the book. What a joy to get my email this morning and get to read such a nice review! A great start to my day.

Thank you to Historical Novel Society and Wisteria Leigh for their review
An excerpt: “Richenda’s writing excellence is shown in her realism and specificity for detail. …There are many characters who provide support to the story, but Georgia clearly will remain a favorite as the resolute and courageous heroine. Anna Richenda’s novel is a beautiful, well-researched mystifying tale of endurance, hope, and love.”

Thank you to the Gail Pruszkowski at for her review
An excerpt: “the story and the strength of the writing hooked me immediately. I could not put it down.”

Thank you to David Morton for his review on his blog Inspiratorium
An excerpt: “Anna has created her own version of the medieval religious life, with miracles, visions and enough action and villainy to keep the reader breathless and wanting more.”

Kay’s Bookshelf is an amazing book review website, thank you so much to Kay for her review
An excerpt: “Another thing I liked about the book was the writing itself. Everything is detailed and has sort of a cinematic quality to it — I could easily “see” all the scenes, like I was there with the characters. So much so that at times I entertained the idea of a movie being made out of this book :) “

For all things Historical Fiction, thank you to Ana T. at Historical Tapestry for the review.
An excerpt: “I found this a very interesting and original story with its focus on monastic life and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about that period.”

Blodeuedd’s review

Anna Richenda



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