Film Shoot

19 November 10

HD video interview upcoming

I had a great opportunity this week! I had the chance to film a short interview at the Camas Public Library. I am not sure how the editing process will go, whether we will have a few smaller clips to use, or one large interview-style piece, but regardless I’m stoked.

It was fun just to have the chance to talk about the book. As a historical fiction writer, the milieu of the period is so much a part of the story and a vital underpinning for the themes. I haven’t had a chance to talk about that in a while and it was just so wonderful to get the chance to do so. The world of saints and anchorites and miracles and mystic visions and mud and creaky wagon wheels and windswept hills…it’s just all a really awesome place to plonk down your characters and play around. Better than any sandbox. Ever.

Anna Richenda



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