Video Interview Now Online

1 December 10

Weird, I now have a YouTube channel!

I have watched many YouTube videos and, frankly, never expected to video tape anything that I would want to post. But in the era of video communication I have waded into the digital waters and (splash) gone and claimed a section of the digital beach. (See my Youtube Channel.)

The filming and editing for my interview is finished, and I am excited to announce there will be a total of four parts in all. The interview format allowed me to talk about the book and characters, but also about the themes and interesting history in which the book is placed. I must admit I love both these aspects of book writing, the thematic development of story/world/character and the real-life investigation of history as a milieu for story.

This first part is an overview of the book itself. Unfortunately (!) I was a little nervous so this part ended up a little…well…less straightforward than I would have liked. Still, I hope you get the idea. Check out my synopsis on my homepage for a straight up plot line.

To view this video on my youtube channel, click here.

Anna Richenda



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